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  1. Smits, G. Govaerts, C. Nubourgh, I. Pardo, L. Vassart, G. Costagliola, S.
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    Mol Endocrinol 16(4) 722–35
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  2. Claeysen, S. Govaerts, C. Lefort, A. Van, Sande, J. Costagliola, S. Pardo, L. Vassart, G.
    “A conserved Asn in TM7 of the thyrotropin receptor is a common requirement for activation by both mutations and its natural agonist.”
    FEBS Lett 517(1) 195–200
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  3. Lopez-Rodriguez, ML. Benhamu, B. Morcillo, MJ. Murcia, M. Viso, A. Campillo, M. Pardo, L.
    “5-HT(4) receptor antagonists: structure-affinity relationships and ligand-receptor interactions.”
    Curr Top Med Chem 2(6) 625–41
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  4. Lopez-Rodriguez, ML. Murcia, M. Benhamu, B. Viso, A. Campillo, M. Pardo, L.
    “Benzimidazole derivatives. 3. 3D-QSAR/CoMFA model and computational simulation for the recognition of 5-HT(4) receptor antagonists.”
    J Med Chem 45(22) 4806–15
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  5. Olivella, M. Deupi, X. Govaerts, C. Pardo, L.
    “Influence of the Environment in the Conformation of alpha-Helices Studied by Protein Database Search and Molecular Dynamics Simulations.”
    Biophys J 82(6) 3207–13
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  6. Lopez-Rodriguez, ML. Vicente, B. Deupi, X. Barrondo, S. Olivella, M. Morcillo, MJ. Behamu, B. Ballesteros, JA. Salles, J. Pardo, L.
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    Mol Pharmacol 62(1) 15–21
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  7. Guitart, M. Jimenez, M. Giraldo, J. Gonalons, E. Badia, A.
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    Naunyn Schmiedebergs Arch Pharmacol 366(5) 425–30
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  8. Giraldo, J. Vivas, NM. Vila, E. Badia, A.
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    Pharmacol Ther 95(1) 21–45
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  9. Bassols, Farres, A. Bosch-Llonch, F. Campillo-Grau, M. Banos-Diez, JE.
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    Rev Neurol 34(10) 901–8
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