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  1. De, Leener, A. Caltabiano, G. Erkan, S. Idil, M. Vassart, G. Pardo, L. Costagliola, S.
    “Identification of the first germline mutation in the extracellular domain of the follitropin receptor responsible for spontaneous ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.”
    Hum Mutat 29(1) 91–98
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  2. Bakker, RA. Jongejan, A. Sansuk, K. Hacksell, U. Timmerman, H. Brann, MR. Weiner, DM. Pardo, L. Leurs, R.
    “Constitutively active mutants of the histamine H1 receptor suggest a conserved hydrophobic asparagine-cage that constrains the activation of class A G protein-coupled receptors.”
    Mol Pharmacol 73(1) 94–103
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  3. Caltabiano, G. Campillo, M. De, Leener, A. Smits, G. Vassart, G. Costagliola, S. Pardo, L.
    “The specificity of binding of glycoprotein hormones to their receptors.”
    Cell Mol Life Sci 65(16) 2484–92
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  4. Royer, J. Lefevre-Minisini, A. Caltabiano, G. Lacombe, T. Malthiery, Y. Savagner, F. Pardo, L. Rodien, P.
    “The cloned equine thyrotropin receptor is hypersensitive to human chorionic gonadotropin; identification of three residues in the extracellular domain involved in ligand specificity.”
    Endocrinology 149(10) 5088–96
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  5. Xu, W. Sanz, A. Pardo, L. Liu-Chen, LY.
    “Activation of the mu opioid receptor involves conformational rearrangements of multiple transmembrane domains.”
    Biochemistry 47(40) 10576–86
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