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Due to the significant amount of information about Class A GPCRs, their classification and sequence analysis is not easy to handle. Despite the availability of various bioinformatics web servers for the study of GPCRs, most of these tools generally require much knowledge of the GPCRs in order to be effectively used. In order to make available all the information developed in this project in an easy-to-use interface, we developed a new, easy and publicly available tool: “GPCR browser”

Data sources (all of them can be downloaded):

- Full sequence alignment of the Class A GCRPs.
- Sequence alignment database of the TM regions.
- Complete phylogenetic tree made with TM regions.
- 40-amino-acid-long sequences of the binding pocket.
- Similarity matrix made by the 40-residues-lenght of the binding pocket for every receptor.

The project is carried out by Santiago Rios, Angel Gonzalez and Gianluigi Caltabiano
at Laboratory of Computational Medicine (LMC), University Autonomous of Barcelona.

Contact: Santiago Rios (