GMOS Web Interface
GMOS Web Interface

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GMoS is a program to search for conserved motifs in Class A GPCR alignments.
By default, searches are performed in non-olfactory Class A GPCR alignment containing 1671 sequences from different species. Optionally, the search can be restricted to a SUBSET of human receptors and/or to a specific FAMILY (e.g. adrenergic receptors).
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Specifiy a single position (e.g. 3.49) or range of consecutive positions (e.g. 3.49-3.51), using the Ballesteros-Weinstein numbering scheme, to find its residue content.
Optionally, the search can be restricted to a specific residue (e.g. D) or residue motif (e.g. DRY). In this case, 'X' can be used as a wild card.
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